One platform for voter outreach and volunteer management

No more follow-up emails to volunteers with a bunch of links to help docs, text tools, your dialer and Slack channel. We put everything you need all in one place.

Central hub for texting and calling

No need to send volunteers a half dozen links to get started. Everything is housed in HomeField.

Optimized for distributed staff & volunteers

All the tools your volunteers need, in one place. They can call and text voters, and then chat organizers and access help documents.

Built by organizers, for organizers

Democratic staff and volunteers deserve better tools. HomeField is beloved by staff and volunteers alike.

Organizers can manage texting campaigns from their phone, making HomeField accessible to those without laptops or desktops.

Fundraise, manage political contacts & persuade voters

Use cases to help you reach voters, donors, and political contacts.

Text and call voters

Getting out the vote requires an array of tools and you need volunteers on board. We make it easy to pitch volunteers on phonebanking with the functionality all in one window.

Text your donor list and meet your EOQ goals

With a 95% open rate, texting is a critical tool for fundraising for campaigns and progressive organizations.

Manage political outreach all in one place

Political teams love using HomeField to reach out to political contacts and track communication.

Text and call tool campaigns love

HomeField was developed because organizers and volunteers deserve better tools. We understand your bottlenecks and challenges and we're here to help.

An all-in-one platform to meet the moment

We've been in your shoes! HomeField saves organizers' time and campaigns money by getting staff and volunteers set up quickly to send texts and make calls.

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Unbeatable customer service

Getting started
We can help get your first campaign up and running
Consulting support
Your partner in voter targeting and volunteer management
Dedicated account rep
A person you can call or email anytime your team needs support

HomeField Team

Suzy Gold
Suzy got her start in Democratic politics in 2012 on President Obama’s re-election campaign in Northern Virginia. It was the start of a career empowering volunteers from all different backgrounds to help elect Democrats. As the digital director on the Michigan Coordinated, Sylvester Turner’s Houston Mayoral campaign, and Jason Kander’s Senate campaign, Suzy built relationships with supporters along the way and learned the tools we were deploying to volunteers were falling short. In 2020, Suzy launched Vote From Home to connect activists with voters who were voting by mail for the first time.
Ben Tyson
Ben has over a decade of experience overseeing grassroots organizing programs. From Obama’s campaign in Colorado in 2008 to running Missouri’s statewide Coordinated campaign in 2016, statewide IE operations, and national programs with Let America Vote, Ben knows the power of field and the importance of a vibrant volunteer program. As CFO and COO with the HomeField team, Ben makes sure clients are happy, the books are reconciled, and invoices are paid. Once an organizer, always an organizer, you'll also see him pitching in when there’s a text and call training that needs extra enthusiasm, or a field plan that needs a new targeting and capacity spreadsheet.
Andy Carlos
Lead Developer

If you ask, Andy would describe himself as a bioreactor that converts coffee into code. Andy’s broad range of expertise, from systems architecture and evolutionary neural networks to security and project management, makes him the best person to lead HomeField’s development. When he isn’t building, he’s planning what to build next; in 2019, "next" meant joining Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign, where he automated processes and complex data synchronizations, and designed business processes for staff and volunteers. In his spare time, you can find him in a café somewhere, practicing calligraphy or reading about prehispanic mesoamerican cuisine.